Engineering of products, devices, machines, vehicles, industrial facilities and commercial objects from 3D modeling to Mechanical Engineering, Technology development and complete Documentation supply

3D Modeling

3D Surfacing, 3D Parametric Modeling


Mechanical Engineering, Technology development


Aerodynamic and other Simulations


Technical drawings, Assembly drawings


From 3D Surface Modeling, Visual Inspection to 3D Parametric Modeling
Creation of 3D models with many options such as surface models, zebra and highlights inspection, visual validation concepts to complex parametric structure models and fully functional 3D models
3D Surface Modeling
3D modeling complex surfaces with the aim of finding the best aesthetic and functional result
3D Parametric Modeling
Parametric 3D modeling of surfaces and solid models enables full control over the project
Zebra and highlights inspection
Inspection and validation of surfaces through zebra and highlight analysis modes


From mechanical engineering, technology development to preparation for prototyping and production
From the engineering of complex systems, devices, mechanisms and vehicles to the engineering of tools and preparations for production technology, respecting the technological processes and specifics of each type of industry
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineering of products, vehicles, devices, machines and their parts
Complex Assemblies
Engineering of complex assemblies, respecting the correlation of all components that need to work as a whole
Technology Development
Technological engineering, engineering of tools and preparations for production


Checking the mechanical functioning of products, elements, assemblies, aerodynamic simulation, flow simulation
A wide range of tests, simulations and verifications to ensure the functionality, quality and feasibility of the product in relation to the target tasks that needs to be completed starting from dimensional tests, functional, mechanical, dynamic motion and aerodynamic simulations
Tests and verifications
Checking product functionality, physical dimensions, predicting the functioning of the product with avoidance of possible collisions
Mechanical Simulations
Mechanical simulations with dynamic motion and testing of product function and operation of complex assemblies
Aerodynamic and Tunnel tests
Increase perfromance, reduce emissions, improve stability and thus safety, and be in line with regulations


Technical and technological documentation, drawings, preparation for production, layout designs, and color schemes
Providing a wide range of technical documentation, from technical drawings, Bill of Materials Management (BIM), technological drawings for various industries (metal, machine, CNC, plastic injection) up to 1: 5 or 1:10 scale drawings, layouts and schemes of various vehicles and products
Technical drawings
Technical and assembly drawings and management of bill of materials (BIM) of various products and vehicles
Technology drawings
Preparation of workshop documentation taking into account production technology including formats such as dwg, dxf and other
Layouts and Schemes
1:5 or 1:10 scale drawings, layouts and different types of schemes such as color schemes or product graphics