S Line

Silent pipes and fittings


Powering innovation and global expansion.
Design of S Line silent PP pipes and fittings consisted of a product family of more than 80 different sizes.
2014 YEAR

"The future is here and now"

Stefan S. (Serval Global Design's CEO)

Silent piping system

Silent piping system specially designed for installation in places where sound insulation is taken into account. It provides reduction in noise an acoustic vibrations up to level of 12 dB*.


Improved design

The new improved design of the socket and the whole fitting.

S line Marker


The special marker for determining the angle of rotation of the fitting.



5 ribs, which are the reinforcing and contribute to thickening of the wall in this section and additional noise attenuation.


Sound isolation

Reducing noise level up to 12 dB (A).

The house

The House

Peštan logo “House” at the bottom of the fitting, is used as marker for the depth of insertion fitting in socket of the pipe or other fitting.


Wide product range

S Line product line is made in wide range of sizes in diameters from Ø32 to Ø160 together with complete range of fitings.

Innovation in design

Along with the innovations such as three layers, S Line introduces new innovations in design and ergonomy featuring robust, futuristic, contemporary design. This made S line the growth driver of the largest production plant for pipe and pipe fittings in Europe.

"S line is a growth driver of the company"

M. Petkovic (Peštan's CEO)

"Technological innovation meets aesthetic innovation"

Serval Global Design

Innovation in technology

The latest technology of three-layer extrusion pipe and materials modified with mineral additives have raised disposal of waste water systems within the building structure on a higher level.


Discover the process

The design process followed naturally and continuously, which enabled the complete success of the process and the product.

2D Design

As a first step and after many hand sketches, various 2D design proposls were created, from which one was chosen as the final one and the starting point reference for 3D modeling.

3D Model

2D design was followed by 3D modeling. 3D modeling took over a key development phase with the goal of respecting technological limitations, design guidelines and overall approach as it is a family of products.


The next step after 3D modeling was the creation of 3D printed prototypes, followed by the technological development of molds and the start of production.


Global competitive product

The main imperative was to create a competitive global product based on superior innovations in design, use and features, taking into account the specifics of the product and the global use.
Sales Growth​
0 %

The S LINE product group will bring sales growth for more than 275% in the next five years, making it one of the most sold product groups of the customer company.

From the Total Sales
0 %

The S LINE product group will account for more than 30% of the total sales of a customer company with more than 7,000 other products in the current portfolio.

Innovation Growth​ in the Company
0 %

Setting new design standards puts the client in a new position as a market innovation leader. This enabled customer company to create new standards in the piping industry.


Globally sold

The S line product group is successfully sold all over the world. Among the countries we can mention UAE, Israel, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Ukraine, Bulgaria,  Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Montenegro, Maldives.




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