Silent pipes & fittings

Silent piping system

Silent piping system specially designed for installation in places where sound insulation is taken into account. It provides reduction in noise an acoustic vibrations up to level of 12 dB*.

12 dB (A)

Reducing noise level up to 12 dB (A)

Sleek design

Introduces new design features and robust, futuristic, contemporary design.

Results achived


Setting new design standards puts the client in a new position as a market innovation leader. This enabled company to not just follow the trends but to create new standards.

Present 30%+ of whole sale

The S LINE product group will account for more than 30% of the total sales of a customer company with more than 7,000 other products in the current production.

Sold globally

The product is being sold accross the globe from Europe and Middle East to Africa Continent.

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