UKC bus

Blood collection unit

UKC bus

Special exterior and interior
A special interdisciplinary project that included the design of exterior modifications, unique exterior graphics, interior details and branding.
2016 YEAR

Custom made design

Since the vehicle is completely specially made for the customer, namely for the needs of blood collection, all elements and details are specially designed, from graphics to modifications on the front part, special exterior grills and interior details.

UKC bus

Special front modifications

The front part of the bus has specially designed modifications

UKC bus 3

Unique graphics

The graphic is combining fluid dynamic shapes and the display of blood groups


Integrated design

All the details are designed to form a whole that connects one style

Special fluid graphics

The graphics is designed to emphasize the dynamics of the vehicle, while at the same time representing the blood groups, which are also displayed in a dynamic way in fluid forms.

Unique details

All the details are designed to make a whole. From the special elements on the front, the special grill on the side of the bus, to the unique white logos of the manufacturer and the hand-made UKC logo.

Design together with technology

Due to the special nature of the vehicle, some of the technological components had to be present. One example is the cooling vents for the generator, which are also shaped to follow the overall design.


One of the goals of the project was to make a design that is recognizable, since the vehicle is used throughout east-west Slovenia. The method that had to be used had to be calm, recognizable and in line with the purpose of use.


Made specifically for the purpose

All the goals of the project have been successfully achieved, and the bus is being used effectively in eastern and western Slovenia
Unique design
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The design of the vehicle is completely specially made for the purpose of use and the customer

Specially tailored to the customer
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All components and unique modifications are specially made with the involvement of local suppliers throughout Slovenia

Achieved visibility
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The vehicle is recognizable by its unique design and appearance, wherever it goes


Successful use

A special bus – the blood collection unit is in use almost every day to collect blood and on that way help people that needs it




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