GH Italy

LIVERY DESIGN GH ITALY Unique graphic identity ABOUT THIS PROJECT Unique graphics design livery was developed for GH Italy following and improving the customer’s corporate identity 2019 YEAR SCOPE OF WORK Transportation Design Graphics Branding Special livery design The exterior … Read More


TRAIN CONCEPT SOLUTION TRAINX Superior transportation vision ABOUT THIS PROJECT The TRAINX is an visionary concept project aimed to research the design and technology solutions for the year 2023 and the upcoming years 2023 YEAR SCOPE OF WORK Transportation Design … Read More


ELECTRIC AIRPORT BUS eVIVAIR Exterior redesign ABOUT THIS PROJECT The eVIVIAR electric airport bus exterior redesign project that combines advanced technology and advanced design solutions 2019 YEAR SCOPE OF WORK Automotive Design Graphics Branding Clean energy, clean design The design … Read More

UKC bus

Blood collection unit UKC bus Special exterior and interior ABOUT THIS PROJECT A special interdisciplinary project that included the design of exterior modifications, unique exterior graphics, interior details and branding. 2016 YEAR SCOPE OF WORK Industrial Design Engineering Purchase Management … Read More


AIRPORT BUS INTERIOR REDESIGN VIVAIR² Optimitation of the interior ABOUT THIS PROJECT VIVAIR Airport Bus Interior redesign from design, branding to optimization of all interior components in terms of design, technology, costs, quality and lead time 2015-2019 YEAR SCOPE OF … Read More


truck of the future ICE Innovative truck concept ABOUT THIS PROJECT Visionary finalist project of a truck design, part of the VDA Design Award 2008 with the theme Transport Efficiency 2020 2008 YEAR SCOPE OF WORK Transportation Design ORGANIZATION VDA Association, German Design … Read More

Royal VIP

LUXURY BESPOKE VEHICLE Royal VIP Design Innovation and Brand Introduction. ABOUT THIS PROJECT Design and engineering of the most luxurious vehicle ever manufactured in Slovenia, from scratch to production. 2018/2019 YEAR SCOPE OF WORK Industrial Design Engineering Purchase Management Project … Read More


Futuristic concept of the 21 century COMMANDER Coupe Starliner ABOUT THIS PROJECT Futuristic reimagining of the Studebaker Commander Starliner Coupe,  once deemed a “work of art” by the Museum of Modern Art 2012 YEAR SCOPE OF WORK Automotive Design Studebaker … Read More


Grand tourer of the 21 century VENTOLARE Powered by innovative energy sources ABOUT THIS PROJECT Ventosolare is a dream car powered by renewable energy sources. It promotes green vehicles, non-polluting power and many new ecological solutions 2009 YEAR SCOPE OF … Read More