Quality Management

Quality Management

Our quality services and individual approach ensure customer targets to be fully achieved

Developing and introducing a process approach and procedures according to the ISO standard until the acquisition of ISO certificates. Managing, organizing and coordinating the quality service, controlling the control processes from the input materials, the intermediate control to the final product.

Throughout all organization there are a series of internal suppliers and customers. These form the so-called "quality chains", the core of company - wide quality improvement (CWQI).

For the organization to be truly effective, each part of it must work properly together. Each part, each activity, each person in company affects and is in turn affected by others. Errors have a way of multiplying, and failure to meet the requirements in one part of area creates problems elsewhere, leading to yet more errors, yet more problems and so on. The benefits on getting it right first time everywhere are enormous.
The system should follow PDCA Cycle: Plan - Do - Check -Act through documentation, implementation, audit and review.
The measurement of quality is the cost of nonconformity and the eventual costs of getting it right.

We're able implementing various methods

Introducing and implementing various methods example 8D method, which allows systemic resolution based on non-quality in production and complaints

Other methods

Quality methods such as FMEA method, PFMEA method, 5 Why, 6sigma, SPC, MSA, DMAIC, 5M


Sampling process

Sampling process with special emphasis on “S” safety components.


Internal audits and management reviews

Preparing internal audits and management reviews, in short, everything that is needed for the annual ISO certification


Assessments of subcontractors

Performing assessments of subcontractors in the domestic and foreign markets.

Analyses & TESTING


Performing assessments of subcontractors in the domestic and foreign markets.


The Roadmap

The system should follow PDCA Cycle: Plan - Do - Check - Act through documentation, implementation, audit and review.
It present an iterative design and management method used in business for the control and continual improvement of processes and products.


Plan >


Do >


Check >



Advantages of our services

We act strategically, precisely, independently and flexibly adapt our process and methodology of work to each industry and the each client.
Our quality services are strategically organized
Our approach and service is precise
We work completely independently​
We are flexible adopting our process to each customer

Your industry is our field of action

We work in many industries from automotive to machine construction, electronic devices, construction industry and beyond