Serval Global Design

Designing and developing new products is where we started and remains our main strength. We continue to create new innovative products and product categories with the goal of improving the user experience. We deliver design services for companies, from automotive and industrial design to graphic, architectural, visual communication and textile design.

Serval Motors

Serval Motors is dedicated to high level of customer‘s needs for vehicle luxury. We are designing and making bespoke custom vehicles according to the customer‘s wish. Whether it goes for business lounge vehicle, custom interior or totally new vehicle Serval Motors is doing it specially for the customer. Our product portfolio goes from custom interiors, business transport vehicles, luxury limousines to sport coupés.

Serval Atelier Logo

Serval Atelier is about Luxury combined with handcrafting tradition of Europe and new creativity. Our product portfolio includes women leather bags and silk scarves. We  constantly work on expaning our range to women & men bags and luggage, accessories, wallets, clothing, ties.  Luxury products of the Serval Atelier brand are being produced in Italy and Slovenia using the best possible materials available on the market such as Nappa leather from Italy and Silk from Como.

Clean, pure and elegant lines creates special style and impression. The Serval Casa aesthetic philosophy focuses on beautiful lines and perfect proportions, enriched by quality materials, refined finishes, and elegant textiles. The distinctive style incorporates a harmonious combination of different inspirations and design codes to form a sophisticated atmosphere.