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With our world-class range of product development services and
holistic approach ensure you have the competitiveness you need.

Comprehensive development services

The widest possible range of services and solutions for design and development of any kind of product. Enough to cover whole phases. From design to production.


More than aesthetics. Design is how it works, how it feels, how it is perceived. Design raised to a higher level.


The ultimate range of engineering services, from mechanical engineering to advanced engineering and technology.

Applied Sciences

Application of scientific methods and knowledge gained from the conclusions of the method to achieve practical goals.


From scale models and mock-ups to full-size functional models, pre-series and moulds for the product.

Project Management

Project management, design and development management, support and supervision.

Quality Management

Managing, organizing and coordinating the quality service, using methodology of work adopted to each client.


Optimization of products and processes from a design, technical, technological, quality and cost point of view.

Supply chain management

Management of purchasing activities, selection of the most suitable suppliers from around the world.

Go-to-market support

Development of new brands and ways of introducing them to the market such as retail design.


Automotive and Transportation

Design and development of cars, vehicles, commercial vehicles and all other means of transport.

New Mobility Solutions

Design and development of new means of transportation, autonomous vehicles and new energy vehicles.

Industrial Products

Design and development of mass-produced industrial products.


Interfaces for vehicles, products and software.

from idea to

Active in different industries

We work in many industries such as automotive, products, machinery, transportation, agricultural, naval, process, buildings and retail


Including car design, truck design, bus & coach design, VIP vehicles design, train & tram design, motorhome and yacht design


From big-volume industrial products design to design of machines, furniture and consumer products


Machines, process machines, industrial devices and production lines


From railway vehicles to all types of transportation vehicles

Agriculture vehicles

Tractors, machines and all types of agricultural machinery


Yachts, ships and all types of vessels


Brand identity, Graphic design, Product graphics, User interface


All types of residential and commercial buildings


Stands, Exhibition spaces, Sales points and premises

10 steps ahead of the competition

How we keep you competitive​

We love design and technology. Having our own products enables us to deeply understand your needs and how important it is to stay competitive.

Revolution or evolution - you choose

Build a stronger identity for your products and business

Increase sales of your products or services

Improve Performance

Introduce new Features & Innovations

Enhance User Experience

Reduce production costs, number of parts or time cycle

Create Added Value

Establish appropriate communication with its target audience

Create an outstanding product feel

proven expertise

What our expertise is saying

Successful projects worldwide, received design awards and achieving sales growth of our customers are signs you're on the right place.

275% sales growth.

The product group we designed expanded sales and positioned the brand on a global level, becoming the main driver of the company's growth.

More than 7+ international design awards.

We hold awards for design and innovation from the top car brands, design institutions and museums.
What others are saying about our work:

“Good Design knows no borders.”

Graham Kozak
Autoweek (USA)

We have designed already more than 100 products.

From cars, buses and trucks to electronics, plastic products and consumer goods, products we designed and developed are running, being using daily or even installed above or into the ground.

Products we developed are used worldwide.

More precisely in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Widest possible range of development services on one place.

Thanks to wide range of services Serval can offer complete palette from sketch to product prototype.

Great partners bring great opportunity

We strive to adapt to each customer business and industry no matter it is a Large enterprise, Medium-sized enterprise or a Startup company.

Project base

per project*

Available services**

Services can range from Design to Engineering, Technology, Prototyping and Brand Development.


for specific time*

Available services**

Services can range from Design to Engineering, Technology, Prototyping and Brand Development.

Strategic Partnership

for an indefinite period*

Available services**

Services can range from Design to Engineering, Technology, Prototyping and Brand Development.

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*Project type: cooperation in realization of certain project; Partnership: cooperation agreement for at least 6 mounts, available up to several years. Strategic Partnership: Cooperation for an indefinite period.
**Suggested services. The user can choose the services of their choice from the Serval range and make it own combination of several.